Covering Fees for a Donation or Purchase


When making a purchase or donation on Givsum a checkbox will appear to notify you that you are currently opted-in to "covering" the fees on your transaction so that the charity receives the full subtotal (the value of any tickets and donations you previously specified). Simply uncheck this box if you do not wish to make this additional donation.

How is this calculated?

Since the full amount of the transaction is subject to processing fees, the amount of this additional donation is slightly more than what the costs and fees would be on the transaction if the additional donation was never made.

For example: a $100 dollar donation is made to a charity with a fee of 3.9% + $.30. the fee on this transaction would be $4.20. If the user wishes to "cover" the fee so the charity receives $100 exactly, it is not enough to give $104.20, as the fee (3.9% + $.30) is now larger having been applied to a larger amount ($104.20). Therefore, this would only net the charity $99.84. Our calculation takes this into account so that the charity receives the full $100 once fees are taken from the total amount. In this case, the additional donation would need to be $4.37 for the charity to net $100.

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