User Settings

The Settings page is where you manage all of your personal information, as well as your privacy settings and any permissions you may have as a user for a particular charity or opportunity. 


This is used to give you better suggestions. Knowing where you are will help us find nearby opportunities and charities if we can. If you aren't comfortable giving your full address, we can make do with your city, state, zip and country.


These are general classifications that all charities on givsum fall under. We will utilize your interests to suggest more relevant opportunities, but we may throw in something unexpected just to mix it up ;).

Privacy Settings

We respect your privacy, so until you say otherwise we pretty much hide everything.

First you can control the visibility of your profile, which includes your volunteer hours, events you've signed up for and other activities. Setting it to public will mean that everyone can see your activity, but you can also set it to "Followers" so only your approved followers can see this, or limit your profile to only showing your Givsum Score. We recommend "Public" so your actions can inspire others!

Second, we've given you separate control over the visibility of your monetary contributions. We recommend keeping this at "Private" unless you don't mind others seeing your monetary contributions.

Permissions for Charities / Opportunities

You will only see this if you are the administrator of a charity or an administrator has granted you permission to manage an event.

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