Charity Settings

The Settings page is where you manage all of your charity's general information, as well as your privacy settings and any permissions you may have as a user for a particular charity or opportunity. 

Financial Information

In order to accept donations and sell tickets to your events you must set up and activate your merchant account. Also, indicate the email to which you want disbursement emails to go when funds are disbursed to your account.

Charity Logo

This file should be a .png or .jpg. We recommend your logo be at least 600px by 600px. This will ensure that your logo looks nice on high-resolution displays.

For best results, use a square file with a little whitespace or padding on all sides to ensure that our circular crop doesn't cut off your logo. With our cropping tool, it is easy to see how your logo will appear in the circle and make any adjustments you might need to! Often the logo you use for facebook, twitter or instagram will work perfectly!

Charity Details

Often your charity's name might be more long and formal than your supporters are used to so you can optionally provide a nickname that will be used where appropriate within Givsum.

In the "Tell Us About Your Charity!" give users a brief description of what you do and what you are about. Users will always have access to your website url to learn more.  If you would like to add an informational video to your charity details, simply add the URL from Youtube or Vimeo in the description. 



These will show up on your profile page to allow users a quick and easy way to contact important individuals at your charity.


This is where you assign other Givsum users to your charity. This will allow more than one individual to act on behalf of the charity. Account Admin's have the highest level of access with the ability to effect financial information and other settings. Admin's only have access to manage volunteers and approve logs.

Email Templates

Lastly, you can edit your thank you letter that get's sent to users who make a donation/purchase.

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