Managing Your Charity

If you plan to also use Givsum to manage a charity you work for, you first need to have your individual account assigned to that charity. This can be done 2 ways:

  1. If another user is already administering the charity, they can add you as an administrator via the charity Settings page.
  2. If no one is administering the charity, go to your settings page and click the "Request Charity Access" button at the very bottom. You will then be prompted to enter the charity name, your phone number and position with the charity as well as a .pdf of your IRS 501c3 Letter for additional verification. Verification of this information is manual and you will notified once you have been granted administrative access to your charity.

Once you have administrative access you will be able to switch contexts in order to use Givsum as yourself, or the Charity. To switch contexts, simply hover over your avatar at the top of the Givsum menu and click the context you'd like to switch to.

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