Simple Pricing

Givsum's pricing is simple and straight forward with two plans: The BASIC and the PRO.

The BASIC is our "freemium" do it yourself plan. If you are tech savvy and would prefer to do things yourself, including managing your organization's profile, posting campaigns, and initiating memberships, then this version is great for you! The BASIC plan is free and includes no startup cost or monthly fee.  A 5% + $0.30 per transaction will be applied when donations and purchases are processed.  All BASIC customers have access to the Success Center and Givsum's customer support team via our messaging portal.  

The PRO is for organizations that are interested in tech services and desire an account manager to do everything for you. The account manager will set up your organization's page, post your campaigns, and initiate your memberships.  PRO pricing is$199/Month or $2000/Year.  Transactions fees are reduced to 3% + $0.30 per transaction.  PRO customers also receive personalized onboarding, ongoing training, and fundraising advice from our expert team.

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