Peer-to-Peer Supporter Campaigns

Givsum users can create campaigns for charities and clubs on Givsum by following these steps: 

1. From the user dashboard, search for a charity or Club in which you would like to raise funds.

2. Once you have landed on the organization's page, select “Create A Campaign”

3. From the window, type out the title of your fundraiser, the purpose behind raising the money, the campaign goal, and a start and end date. 

4. Click “Create Campaign” 

5. You can update the photo or upload a YouTube/Vimeo link by clicking the camera icon in the upper right hand section of the primary photo.   

6. Clicking “Share the Love” will allow you to broadcast the campaign to social media or share the link through emails or other devices. 

All funds collected will go directly to the organization you are supporting.

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